Julia is a composer and audiovisual artist based in Berlin.

She creates music for film, dance, theatre and installation-based art projects.

Within a broad spectrum of styles, her work revolves around experimental genres, often utilising synaesthetic concepts and wholistic approaches with a clear aim towards the urban free art sector.


Collaborators include documentary film makers, dancers, choreographers, stage directors and installation artists.

Projects with her music and sound design have been featured throughout Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Germany: the Expat Expo Festival, English Theatre, Performing Arts Festival, Theater Unterm Dach, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Ballhaus Naunynstraße, MK Galerie, Randspiele Zepernick, Junges Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf // UK: Victoria & Albert Museum, Park Lane Group London, Scottish Documentary Institute, BritDoc Festival, Ritzy Film Fest Brixton, Leeds University, The Sound Cube, Royal College of Music, Royal College of Art, Royal Academy of Music, Petworth Festival // USA & Canada: Dances Made To Order Festival, SxSW Festival, Icla Da Silva Foundation, Hot Docs // Australia: MK Gallerie Sydney // Asia: Deutscher Pavillon Singapore.


Julia is an alumna of the Royal College of Music in London. Accolades include scholarships from The Leverhulme Trust, Musikfonds, Neustart Kultur Berlin and GEMA, and residencies at Matrix09 Kompositionsakademie SWR Experimentalstudio, k77 Studio Berlin and BritDoc.

In 2021, Julia co-curated the 'pyramidale festival für neue musik' in Berlin. In 2022, projects included 'Lichtschatten' – a research and database creation of rhythmic cells derived from sun position for an alternative notation format, and following from this, her first attempt at Echtzeit-programming for the project 'Krypton Diaries'. In May and June 2023, Julia was represented at the art spring Berlin festival with two works – the visual facade piece 'Das Innere Leuchten' for Berlin's oldest cinema, the Colosseum, and the sound installation 'Blaue Stunde' for a foot bridge in the North of Berlin.


Currently, Julia is involved in an eco-acoustic sound installation project titled 'Waldtagebuch', where weekly on-site field recordings are collected for 12 consecutive months and processed into an audiovisual journal. Future plans for 2023 include the development of an opera and preparations for an paper-based immersive exhibition scheduled for early 2024.